Sunrise on Your Dreams Mixtape

by Drew Parks




Quarter to Infinity Entertainment, LLC (QTI) has announced the release of a hot, new mixtape by 18 year-old hip hop recording artist and producer Drew32. Building on the success of his highly acclaimed release of “Take the World: Who is Drew32? Vol. 2” mixtape co-hosted by DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore and released earlier this year (achieving over 20,000 digital downloads) Drew32 has put together a new collection that displays his growing lyrical and production genius.

Drew32’s manger, Mark Hicks confidently predicts, “I’m sure listeners will love this mixtape too...Drew32 continues to step up his game and definitely goes harder on a number of these tracks”. Hicks has good reason to boast about his artist whose remake of Kanye West’s “Monster” featuring Jay-Z, has achieved over 11,000 plays since its debut on the Drew32 New Music Podcast on iTunes on September 6, 2010. Hicks remarks that “Drew32’s ‘Monster’ remix has been in the top 10 of the iTunes Music Podcast Charts since September 8th (2 days after its release) and is still charting at No. 5 almost a month later. That’s pretty impressive for an indie artist.” Drew32’s “Monster” remix and his new single, “Get it Started” (currently being spun on Michigan hit radio stations) are included in the 14 tracks of “Sunrise on Your Dreams”.

“Sunrise on Your Dreams” will be available for free download at and from various mixtape delivery and blog sites, including the “Drew32 New Music Podcast” which also ranks as one of the top iTunes Music Podcast destinations.

About DREW32:

Drew32 is an 19 year old hip hop recording artist and producer from Troy, MI. Drew32 has been creating his own beats, writing his own material and performing live from age 14. Drew32 first gained national popularity after his music video, “Beyond Me” was added to FuseTV and Comcast on Demand in February 2010. His subsequent release of the “Take the World: Who is Drew32? Vol. 2” mixtape, co-hosted by DJ Pauly D, further catapulted Drew32’s fame by being featured in the New York Post; CNN; USA Today; and many more online sites which reached international audiences.


Quarter to Infinity Entertainment, LLC (QTI) is a music production company headquartered in Troy, MI. QTI’s product line is rooted in the company’s passion for hip hop and world music. Drew32 is the first artist signed to QTI.

For Further Information please contact:
Mark Hicks (917) 740-3628


released October 5, 2010

Music production, arrangement, and direction by Drew32.
Photography by Gerard Victor.
Artwork and Design by Drew32.
Quarter to Infinity Entertainment, LLC
Management and booking: Mark Hicks (917) 740-3628



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Drew Parks

Drew Parks is an emerging hip-hop artist, rapper, songwriter, and producer from metro-Detroit, Michigan. He's been featured on various networks including MTV, mtvU, ESPN, as well as hip-hop websites including XXL, The Source, Vibe, HipHopDx, DJBooth, ThisIs50, AllHipHop, and way more. ... more

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Track Name: Sunrise
When the sunrise, sunrise
(I'll be livin my dream, i'll be livin my dream)
When the sunrise, sunrise
(I'll be livin my dream, i'll be livin my dream)
When the sunrise, sunrise
(I'll be livin my dream, i'll be livin my dream,
my dream, my dream,
I'll be livin my dream when the sunrise)

yeah, yeah, uh
I just gotta wake up, and start to turn my dreams into reality
sunrise in the morning got my charging like a battery
success don't have a strategy, it just happens magically
like gazing at the skyline, you can stand in back of me
sunset coaxed me, my dream is like my sanctum
the weekend, that's where it begins, I need Him -
Sunrise [son rise], Easter, someone to believe in
I'm just tryna be who I see when I dream of my future
not used to, losing but I refuse to, I'm sorry, no me gusta,
miss me with the hoopla
wake up to the light crawling in through the window,
you try to fight and keep dreaming, but still its creeping right in though
that means it's time, time to fight your fears and make it happen
time to put the planning and preparation to action
no time for relaxin, time to get off your ass, then
turn that dream into something with passion,
what happens when the -


yeah, yeah, yeah
see situations can change like weather,
especially when you feel 'it's now or never'
if you just give it time, and maybe rearrange all the letters,
you will see that "I've loved" is "I evolved" for the better,
it was worth it, not perfect, but still I live with no regrets,
never have, never will, it was just a step
cuz man, life is like a staircase to heaven
every moment, good or bad, is still a path towards redemption
I just need wake up, gotta realize that
I wanna shout at the wind, and bring the skies back
I wanna run through the storm and dodge raindrops
standing in the same spot, you feel my pain? watch
cuz I've been doin this for too long, and now I feel too strong
and these rappers and nothing to what Drew on
and when I wake up in the morning, it's like a new day
I'ma do this shit a new way
wake up when the -


sunrise, sunrise
sunrise, sunrise
sunrise, sunrise
(when the sunrise...
when the sunrise...
when the sunrise...
when the sunrise...
when the sunrise...
when the sunrise...
when the sunrise...)
Track Name: Poppin (ft. B-Smooth)
Yeah, hey cutie, yo

I just wanna get it poppin,
as long as the beat keeps knockin
I just wanna get it poppin
with you tonight
all my friends tell me I'm addicted
but I swear that they got it twisted
I really just wanna kick it
with you tonight
I just wanna get it

yeah, so you can tell your friends "bye, bye"
I don't spit game I'm honest, like "why lie?"
forget movies, that's just more Sci-Fi
we can take a plane to paradise, let's fly high
uh, I'm just playing I don't take it fast
I'd rather get to know you first so I can make it last
A lotta dudes only focus on making cash
I'm just tryna have fun, here cutie, take a glass
I'm tryna make you laugh, I'm tryna make you giggle
I like you a little, I'm tryna keep it simple
yeah, and you say that you don't wanna relationship
neither do I, but I'll give you a taste of it
cuz pretty soon, baby, I'll be makin' it
life is a drink, bottoms up, just take a sip
and I know that you got other options,
but tonight girl...


hey, this ain't your routine pick-up
I know it's weird since you and your ex split up
but tonight girl, I can make our lips touch
in my whip, no top, like a strip club
ha, so just chill get messed up
tomorrow morning I can even help you dress up
ha, I'm just kidding I ain't that guy
but you on cloud nine, and I'm that fly
yeah, so you should leave all your friends at home
my friends say I'm whipped, that's cuz they alone
girl I can turn you on, like a faucet
I want you like you dipped in chocolate
you are my paradise, you're like a resort
we can head to my crib, Wii sports
and I know that you got other options
but tonight girl -


I don't need you, you don't need me
I like to play games, you can't beat me
baby I'm the boss, but I'm still humble
I'm not tryna stunt, I don't need a double
ha, I swear girl I'm like a split
cuz hoes fighting over me, call me Tiger-Vick
yeah, and I know that you got other options
but tonight girl

I just wanna get it poppin, poppin
I just wanna get it poppin
with you tonight
I just wanna get it poppin, poppin
I just wanna get it poppin
with you tonight


hey girl,
whats up?
I'm tryna get it poppin
its 32...
Track Name: Where's my Napkin?
Quarter to Infinity...

Hey yo,
I've learned to never take adversity personally
I'll certainly kick your ass before you murder me verbally
I can with certainty predict that it's an emergency
as soon as I purchase seats headin your way to get dirty
we are chasin you haters all the way to Nuremberg, Germany,
I'll leave your shirt burgundy if you don't speak of big currency
I can affirmatively say that your girl is exerting the
passion on me she had for you prior to my current CD
I swear I keep stressin that I am appealing
when the beat starts you feel as high as I'm feeling
cuz I am unveiling chicks nothing less than 4 stars like the flag of New Zealand
I'm souring like an eagle, you're about as fly as the ceiling
I got time on my hands, I'm reversing time on Rolexes
I'm coming to eat you up for dinner, lunch, and then breakfast
I got a suggestion for you frickin rappers who steppin,
If you think that you're messin with me, ask your girl who's she's texting..
[iPhone text tone]

I think you need to hop off my nuts
cuz lately you've been sayin too much
and I'm about to eat you for lunch
where's my napkin at?
I think you need to hop off my sac
cuz you ain't really talkin bout jack
and I'm about to eat you like a snack
where's my napkin at?

If you don't get the picture, I'll probably print you a few doubles
If you think you understand, you're under my pulpit with rubble
there's trouble, cuz I am hungry now, but I don't know where my napkin is
go grab that quick so I can chew you up and spit you out like tobacco dip
I am such the elephant in the room, as soon as the beat gets live, a fricken zoo keeper arrives with a broom
and I think you are doomed, cuz I get hungry soon
and I don't require food, I eat rappers from my room
my metabolism runs in my genes, not a rack of denim,
my fam will eat you like some pita bread with souvlakia in them
and everybody can get ate, so I am putting two cows on an elevator, raising the stakes
to the top floor, to the doctor? I am not sure.
Hussle told me that she's a whore if she's not pure.
But I ignore her bra and panties on the floor
cuz I notice that my poster is on her wall, so I am floored like 'wow!'


You need to hop off my nuts
cuz I, I'm not what you think I am
[Hey, where's my napkin? I'm bout to eat these dudes!]

Your favorite rapper to hate,
thats what i become to you lames
just when you thought I was done, thats when I run through the flames
walk into the booth, show you you can get ate
cuz everyone is edible, you are on my plate
I will turn you to a vegetable, make you a collectable
my souvenir, bobble-head, i am so professional
and you cannot see me, like you cannot Skype me
and you can close your mouth because I see you tryna bite me!

Track Name: Damn Right
On my chill side... yeah...

I only love a few people, close friends and family
the rest barely know me, so they probably can't stand me
and lame dudes swear that they 'the one' and shit
but if you turned Clifford Harris around you still wouldn't be IT
get it? no you don't. but you can still diss me
but fact is, I'm goin over your head, 59/50
and I don't run from a fight - Carmelo
I came up from underground and kicked ass - Donatello
I'ma just embarrass you, if you rhyme 'shining' with 'grinding' you need to skydive minus the parachute
rappers all just talk shit these days,
but me, I'm just living life, tryna get me paid
just chillin with my crew - shoutouts to G-Rich in Mizzou
and Asante got me yelling "Go Blue!"
OU - damn right I like the life I live
cuz I went from negative to positive but it was all a dream

It was all a dream
it was all a dream
it was all a dream
it was all a dream
damn right I like the life I live
damn right I like the life I live

Yeah, I close my eyes and I become a superstar
Grammy award winner, millionaire, leaving my mark
on the game,
but honestly it's not about the fame or the fortune -
I just wanna be someone important
If it was about cash, I'd have a job and save it all
but I'd rather my work be my love, which isn't work at all
I remember job hunting, I would search the mall
but music is my everything, don't tell me 'knock it off'
find me at the Apple store just checkin shit out
or find me at Guitar Center doing the same thing
most likely I'll be in the booth getting my feelings out
cuz seems like every single night I have the same dream
I gotta make it, gotta do this for my city
for my family, for my brother, for my father, for my mother,
cuz, damn right I like the life I live
I'm bout to go from negative to positive
I hope it's not a dream

Track Name: Deja Vu (ft. Neenaa)
I see you in my dreams
I see you in my dreams
(sometimes I feel like you've already been here before)

Yeah, if I had one wish,
I'd ask that forever would pass with one kiss
it'd last for infinity, beautiful vicinity
beautiful girl with a nameless identity
and everything I have, is everything she needs
but everything I need, is everything she bleeds
and often reality is different from what it seems
and so everything I want is located in her dreams
yeah, so my first impression is key
but sometimes I believe that it was already seen
a deja vu that you already know me
but you're unrecognizable to anything in my sleep
you've felt me in your arms, but we've never introduced
and this forever kiss, to you, doesn't even seem new
but to me, it's a feeling my body's never produced
a sudden change in direction, to you, the same route
yeah, my mind's starting to spin, you wanna do it again
to fall in love, like we've already been
I'm confused, I don't know, when did this party begin?
like I remind you of somebody like I'm probably him
um, but I am not, unless my mind was erased
and I forgot, my memory is shot
or maybe you're from the future or some other dimension,
I just know you got the right dimensions,
yeah, uh, and I must have forgot to mention
that I don't know your name, so to ask, I am tempted
cuz you whisper my name, like you've known me all along
and nibble on my ear like you tryna sing a song that goes...

I'm feeling deja vu
and I never knew her, I never knew her,
I never knew
I'm feeling deja vu
and I never knew her, I never knew her,
I never knew

so tell me if it's real
tell me if you knew or there's something you can feel
you tell me that you love me, cross your heart, hope to die
but since I never met you, how the hell can I reply?
yeah, but you've felt it all before, and you never receive these new feelings anymore
I go to kiss your neck but you've already got a sore
I ask you who it's from, you just giggle and ignore
slip your clothes to the floor, the daily routine
go to close all the doors, then you get on top of me
I'm letting you control it since you seem to know the deal
but suddenly I recognize the pattern on your heels
where have I seen em? I don't even know
but it's feeling so right, how can I say no?
Deja vu from a dream long ago
I suddenly remember so I let my eyes close
girl from my dreams, how the hell did you arrive?
but since I live a dream this shouldn't be a surprise
reality check, nightmare before my eyes
I remember how it ends, and I swore I think I died so...

Track Name: Never Quit
One minute you the next to be famous
the next minute everything changes
you meeting new strangers
and trust is a strange new danger
this life has got me feeling so angered
I wish I would wake up and find everything strangled
that'd be better than the feeling I've got at this angle
feeling like I'm dying, like the world has been dangled
in front of my eyes, and all my dreams have been tangled
I guess you just live and you learn cuz shit happens
and this the type of shit to make me wanna fricken quit rappin
and be a normal kid, with my dreams shattered
that sounds nice, the stress would be relieved right?
yeah, something's wrong this doesn't seem right
I only see black, I can't breathe like
I got something 'round my throat, bout to choke
put my hands up to my neck but I don't feel any rope
I guess that's the feeling when you've lost all hope
it's either that or murder she wrote
but that's what you want
you wanna see me fail, you don't wanna see me blow
but bitch I'm bout to go!
push me over the edge, I push you over the ledge
they try to go for my legs, I'll prolly go for they heads
then I'ma keep goin, cuz I ain't average
I'm beyond your ambience and I'll be honest, I'ma promise
I don't give a shit you tryna make me leave
cuz I, I don't quit that easy, believe me, you gon see
that I'm following my dreams, and you messing with my team
but, this is what I breathe, what I eat, what I frickin bleed
I don't recede I will fight till you decease
I'm like a frickin beast, it's dinner time
so let me just prove that I ain't gon lose cuz bitch it's winner time
so go ahead, treat me like a beginner, it's fine
cuz I'm bout to blow up in your face, I ain't kidding this time
I will frickin explode, like a frickin firework my wires work
their way around your spinal curves and detonate to grind the earth
so plant your feet up, eat up, but you won't sleep up, no NyQuil syrup,
uh, so get your hydro turf, I'ma go full speed and show you what your stupid ass tires worth,
get served, you fricken Smurf, I will crumble you to dirt
if you think I won't disturb you with a verse
you've been mistaken, I'm shaking, I've been waiting to burn you haters to hell like Satan and grill your bodies to turkey bacon
I'm saying that I will never play
so take me serious or get out the way cuz
how I feel today is
I don't trust no one, so ladies go head find a winner and go blow one
I don't really mind the haters I'm too cold
one reason why I don't care is cuz I'm too focused
on getting my, mind back on track and smacking cats who whack
matter fact, I'ma get my fricken swagger back
and I'ma cut you loose, and if you hating, screw you too
yeah I got too many problems to worry about scrubs
especially when they show me no love
and trust I see the ones that do, I love you too
I couldn't appreciate more of the things you do
everyone that comes to my shows, and shows support
just know in the long run that I'ma show you more, but
overall I've seen more wrong than right
the songs I write, they express my fights
that I've had in my life, so take a bite
who want some? you don't want none
from being way too white to fit in with the black kids
but being to black to fit in with the white kids
explains part of the reason why I write this
cuz I'm tryna be fly, but my flight's missed
so I'ma have to catch the next plane -
next day, next pay, like the next rain,
I'm bout to make it..

yeah, thats why I'm calling you out
I never quit
yo yo
I never quit
I never quit
Track Name: Get it Started (ft. Asante and Jay Hussle)
Oh oh
CHORUS [Asante]
If she's looking right, she can ride with me
she's looking fly like me
yeah, so each and every night
she can ride with me
she's looking fly like me
oh oh
we can get it started
we can get it started baby
we can get it started tonight
we can get it started
we can get it started baby
we can get it started tonight

Verse1 [Drew32]
Girl you got it, work that thing
when I step in the club, that's it
I got friends, you got friends,
let's have a party you can come to my crib
we can get it started, we got kenny elliott on the beat
sorta like king James you bringing the heat
you can bring your girl, but I'm bringing a freak
and she's bringing a Greek, that's me
when the music loud and the bass just hit
on the dance floor with my favorite chick
time should freeze so I can save that shit
so hold on tight and try to savor it
I am, what you aspire to be
I am a G-I-R-L magnet, at it
across the atlas they are attracted
and you must be the baddest we can get it cracking

CHORUS [Asante]

Verse2 [Drew32]
We can get it started girl, just act retarded girl
I'm on it, girl she got it, yes I'm honest
wanna stick her up in my pocket
pull her out whenever I want and watch that body
if you dont know now, better ask somebody
she fly till she die, kamikaze
and she get it wet, tsunami
i'm tryna get it in, and you can bring a friend
baby you sweet like honey and cinnamon
yes I admit it, you the baddest in the building
and the way you moving your body is magnificent
I'm so out of this world, spread my wings and fly away
but I wanna get it started, so baby come my way

CHORUS [Asante]

Verse2 [Jay Hussle]
Roll with a playa, parlay with a pimp
you boy stay laced, taste lobster and shrimp
pocket so fat gotta walk with a limp
ice so bright go blind for a glimpse
ya guy stay high so fly don't trip
Sean John jeans with a crease, no rip
you better think twice 'for you move your lip
cuz it ain't nothing nice when a 45 spit
the colder I get, I notify ya'll
ain't nobody else dropping ice cream bars
cash out the bar, then back to the car
so you can have sex with a rich rap star
play above par, getting green like the fairway
your man on top, better aim for the stairway
ain't got too far to go
better turn up your audio

CHORUS [Asante]
Track Name: Letting Go (remix)
what up, yeah, haha, hello
(its 32)

I can make it rain in the middle of the drought
If you don't believe me, girl open up your mouth
I'ma turn it out, girl open up your blouse
if you really wanna find out what the hell i am about
if you want it i can give it, give, g-give it to you, you can keep it
i'ma beat it like this beat is i'm stampeding undefeated
see i'm leaving like a tree is, and it's the perfect season
see these lames ain't on my level, i'm in a suite, but i ain't sweedish
and you parking valet tho, when i get dropped off
she poppin like Faygo, then she took her top off
haters you can speak up, you look like some idiots
cuz out of us, I'm the only one getting it, witness it
we are very different and I hope that you are listening
you heard I'm goin hard, now instantly you're a hypocrite
but i don't even need you, all you bitches see through
i'm unzipping my fly so open wide i'm bout to feed you
my RJ Berger, lames getting murdered
cuz if you ain't doin it like me then you don't deserve Earth
uh, and I am hotter than Bengay
haters talk shit, bitch, no comprende
now i don't mean to stutter but but oh okay  then
yeah i gotta lotta doe and i wanna know why you always faking
why you always hating i'm kinda loco better call popo
am i mistaken what drugs are you taking?
(Dutty, dutty, dutty love)
hold on, i ain't ready to go
sorry Sean i had to eat this instrumental
it's not me its my enternal
inner hunger just to kill em
homie do just what a doctor does
tell me that i'm sick as shit and try to make me normal
but this time I'd rather stick with this
cuz i'm on that ridiculous different tip so sweet
i turn my bars into some Twix or Kit Kats and twist cats like licorice
whoa, picture this, feel it all thru your body
and shanty, if rap don't work then i'm joining illuminati
haha, i'll poke you in your all seeing eye
i'd never do that, i'd do that six hundred and sixty six times
sick rhymes sick inner mind it's time to flip the script
and turn tables like we switched wives
i'm tryna switch lives, with the best of the best
i want success like water i'll take a deep dive
its like they switched sides, cuz everybody used to hate
but now they all in my face tryna get shit signed
get outta here i'm letting go with all the fakeness
i'm goin tarzan, no i'm goin ape shit
i'm bout to step it up a level like Stephon
Marbury talking about the playoffs and moving on
see i'm telling you its on, i'm bout to let go
and start over, they telling me its over, wrong
your girlfriend says she likes my song
next thing you know i'm chilling in a dorm room with a blonde
she asking me questions like which label am i on
i respond "i'm still working on that it won't be long"
all you need is a MacBook and dorm room
if you can afford Pro Tools and keyboard too
then you on your way to becoming the next to blow
if your exceptional then you're accepted yo
but you're ejected tho, if you don't live it
if you don't bleed what you spitting, forget it, exit
me on the other hand, i'ma make you run and scram
when i'm the track you get ate a Hundred Grand
you the the sun you tan, i see the Son i pray
and you can be the man on another day
cuz right now i'm the one and and if you in my way
then i suggest you leave or kanye will tell you runaway
Track Name: Want Me
I wonder if you'd even know my name
I wonder if everything was still the same
cuz now they all want me
but they never wanted me

Now let's take it back to basics
back to expanders and back to braces
back when I had them big ass glasses
all on my face, it's a fact, you never noticed me until I changed it
and that's no exaggeration
back to playing basketball in my basement
back when my class just laughed and hated
when they heard I was tryna be a rap sensation
back when they claimed I was faking
back when I lost all my friends and my girl dumped me when I went on vacation
back to them days when I had no patience
for anyone who called me short, I couldn't take it
back when they called me a nerd cuz I had good grades and had A's on the tests we taking
way back to my first album, "Awakening",
back before I was on radio stations
now fast forward to graduation, congratulations, it's a celebration, ha
yeah, I wonder 'bout all the changes
If I was the same, would I make it?
I can't take it, I hate waiting, but you don't even know where I came from


Yeah, I remember how it used to be
I remember how these chicks were usually
I never got no invitations to parties where all the popular girls were acting naughty, cuz
I was left out, but was it that wrong? cuz I stayed home, and wrote rap songs
and I kept thinking that it wouldn't last long, but I never fit in, damn was I that wrong?
That was before they called me cold, back before I ever made a music video
before they heard my song playing on the radio
to being interviewed man that shit was crazy though
being on live TV, damn I was nervous, they had me tryna freestyle verses
thinking 'bout how I wanted this ever since the 5th grade,
and thinking 'bout the day I released my mixtape
back when my own peers started a Facebook Group to mock my name, called it Alex32 and this kid at my school was being a little buttcrack
and my fame, he was tryna interrupt that
and I had to go through all the fricken stuff that pretty soon would put these chicks on my nutsack
its funny cuz I'm wondering if it was all worth it
like damn, it turned out perfect...

Track Name: Monster (remix)
I will frickin eat you, monstrous I'm evil
when you first getting started, I'm already on the sequel
chilling in my living room, I'm about to finish you
you look like some dinner food, this is getting lethal
its a Situation, I don't mean guido
haters all looking like Jackasses, I don't mean Stevo
I'm getting green but I don't mean Cee-Lo
thats what I grab when I reach deep in the pocket but I don't mean Tebo
your girl says I gotta big ego
you better run that shit back but I don't mean TeVo
my punchlines light the bulb over your head, no Edison
and I got more songs than your boy Tremaine Neverson
if you don't get it, then I'm doing my job correctly
I want success where they debate the next me
I better see your damn hands at the concert
cuz "everybody knows I'm a motherfuckin monster"
uh, the next killin, best feelin, and when you see the chain,
neck chillin, i'm excellent, I'm bout to bring the pain
you need Penicillin, I'm so sick, you dig it? I Benadryl-in
thats how I'm feeling
I look right, book flights 'round the whole globe
I cook mics each night, yeah my flow cold
what's next? big checks, I got boat loads
bite me, your life dreams, are my short goals
I'm bout to kill it like a Monster, time for
dinner I'ma eat you like some pasta, lobster
you look like the person I'ma conquer, conquer
I'm a dog-ass heavyweight - boxer
yeah it's time to finish it, I remember witnessing
the birth of a star, looking at my mirror, innocent
now my whole reflection is a monster, killing shit
you can't even envision for shit how big I'm finna get
Track Name: The Vibe (ft. Pato and Jay Hussle)
We used to kick it
we used to kick it
uh huh..

The Vibe died I moved on
The vibe died I moved on

We used to kick it but the vibe is gone
I guess the vibe moved on
we used to kick it but it all went wrong
and now I'm singin this song

Verse1: Jay Hussle
I can't lie I still love you, but gotta keep it real
things change and that thought alone gives me the chills
so how I'm supposed to feel? When all we do is fight
even when we loving, some thing just dont' feel right
you used to be my sunshine but now we day and night
black and white you always left saying I do nothing right
only in our dreams our future seems rainbow bright
sick of all the childish games, so baby say goodnight
rock a bye lady, no more, driving me crazy
we used to be amazing now it's me that you're hating
sayin that i'm shady, cuz lately I ain't feeling it
the vibe we been killin it
or its been far gone and i'm just now revealing it
broken hearts we're both dealing with
and i swear i wish there was a way to put it back together
so please don't hate me forever but the vibe is gone...



Verse2: Drew32
I never thought I'd leave, but I'm heading for the cheese
now I'm drifting with the breeze, and I won't lose no sleep, I can see
everything was new to me, I even bought you jewelry
but now I'm focused musically and you're no longer glued to me
I know I'm acting stupidly but that's me now, I'm doin me
and you will see I'm new and free and I just need you to believe
that I am too hurting, never was never will be perfect
I'm walking this Earth surface tight roping like it's my circus
and there comes a time in my life where I gotta make my own decisions
and if I cannot be winning then forget it, I ain't with it
now I'm all about my business and I'm driven by my mission
to make millions 'fore I finish, I ain't sharing my percentage
and I know it's my fault this time, that I gotta ride alone
and that the vibe is gone, and every night I think about you when I dream
and sometimes I can't sleep
but love is like music, sometimes we gotta just
change the key, so I'm gone...



Verse3: Pato
It's sad to say, for peace of mind
we'd go our separate ways
long ago we said we'd stay together
forever and a day
that story's old, too often told
can we escape this winding road
we're no more, it's over
we ain't working out that's why the vibe is gone...


Track Name: I Know It
I Know it, I know it, i know it
I know it, I know it, I know it
(this one's for you)

I feel like I was chosen to do this
so everywhere I go, I gotta keep movin
don't look back, push forward
cuz if you want it, you can get it
I know it

So much pain is goin on in my brain
my blood, sweat, and tears drippin, but I won't complain
I'll do what they said I can't, so "no" is not an answer
yes I'm so positive we gon find a cure for cancer one day
and we'll all be okay, okay, disasters all around us
we giving up? no way
we gotta push forward, keep gettin educated
you ever wonder what you'd be like if they never hated?
cuz people will doubt you, "you can't do that" naw, "you're doing all that wrong" yeah i've heard that song
feel like I do it for everyone with a dream that one day in the future the world will be different for me
and for her and for he and for everyone inbetween
cuz life is not a fairytale, it wasn't meant to be
and right now I'm so excited it's too hard to go to sleep
cuz if you want it, you can get it, I know if you just believe, hey


If you don't know by now, I'd like to take a moment to
tell the whole world what exactly I'm gonna do
I'ma put the world on my shoulders and carry you
I got your back, we souring through I'm holding you
feel like I'm doin this for my city and state
check the crime rate, better yet our obesity rank
we got too much on our plate and not enough in our bank
and not enough of the love, that's why i'm praying above
it's not about trying to shine, it's way above and beyond
i'm fighting with everything I got cuz now it's on the line
when the light starts to dim on us, i'll make the sunrise
on your dreams, for our team, for our hearts, for our lives
so I'm fighting for everybody, my family and my friends,
and my enemies, and my haters, I'm never giving in
and now I will never quit, I'm too excited to sit,
so when I write it, I live, it's sorta ridiculous
but the passion I have for rap is exactly equivalent
to your passion to follow your dreams and just fall in love with it
close your eyes, visualize, your destiny, picture it
I'll take you there in an instant just extend your fingertips
and grab my hand as we fly there, we'll be souring free
cuz if you want it, you can get it, I know if you just believe
for hungry children to eat, for peace in the Middle East
if you want it, you can get it, I know if you just believe,



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