Take the World: Who is Drew32? Mixtape Vol. 2

by Drew32 (Hosted by DJ Pauly D)

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With the release of "Take the World: Who is Drew32? Mixtape Vol. 2", 18 year-old rhythmic rapper Drew32 delivers what's sure to be one of the hottest mixtapes of 2010. Co-Hosted by none other than Jersey Shore's own DJ Pauly D, this mixtape is a MUST DOWNLOAD!


released 22 March 2010



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Drew32 is an emerging hip-hop artist, rapper, songwriter, and producer from metro-Detroit, Michigan. He's been featured on various networks including MTV, mtvU, ESPN, as well as hip-hop websites including XXL, The Source, Vibe, HipHopDx, DJBooth, ThisIs50, AllHipHop, and more. ... more

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Track Name: PAULY D INTRO / TAKE THE WORLD (ft. DJ Head) [Produced by Drew32]
I know, it doesn't matter where I go
Cuz either way I'm still gon' blo-o-ow
and I'm gonna take the whole world with me
the world with me
I know, it doesn't matter where I go
Cuz either way I'm still gon' blo-o-ow
and I'm gonna take the whole world with me
the world with me

Hello its the sergeant - my flow is retarded
I'ma burn your house down; call me Mr. Arson
I'ma make my money swing from trees like Tarzan
I'ma get my fricken auto tuned like a car can
Drew32 - I am new but so professional
Welcome to the festival, yes I am the next to blow
No homo, yes, I am so loco, check my flow
money in the air like it has to float
Gravity 's at zero, flying, I just levitate
I showed her my package, she asked 'Could we Stimulate?'
Money in rotation, haters show your faces
I am on the radio - this my favorite station
I am not complacent
Cuz when money comes to me, it leaves quick
It disappears often right after I meet chicks
to make it worth it, I would almost rather fall in love
first date, homerun, no ball or glove


I'ma make a million, better yet a billion
trillion, jillion, girls - I like Brazilian
you could probably find me on an island - Gilligan
welcome to my barbecue; MCs, grillin em
yeah, I'm way ahead of ya'll - 10 steps
I'm the type of dude to raise the bar - bench-press
all these haters starting to bug me - insects
senseless when you ingest
these sick lyrics that I spew, and just because I'm Drew
that simply doesn't mean that a fricken eraser will do
you can't get rid of me - I'ma bring the world
and if that is unsuccessful then I guess I'll bring my girl
huh, and i'ma sprint like my minutes' up
but I'm a bad boy, Daly I don't give a Chuck
rest in peace though, I'm a beast though
Said I do this for my fam, and my lil brother Niko
I know


yeah, uh, its drew32 haha
yeah, I'm out

[DJ Head]
Who is Drew32? Well, let me tell you who I am first - I'm DJ Head (Eminem, Jay-Z, Xzibit, and a few other things)
But, Drew32 is something new, that ya'll need to be checking out very soon. And if you don't know, then you need to know.
Please believe it...
Track Name: BELIEVE ME [Produced by Trac2 Productions]
Uh, Believe me
This rap game shit is so easy
Next thing you know, I'm on TV
Believe me, believe me
Believe me
This rap game shit is so easy
Next thing you know, I'm on TV
Believe me, believe me

When life hands you a lemon, you gotta squeeze
sometimes it seems, everybody's fallin to their knees
in a time of constant struggle, it's not easy to breathe
its not rare to be discouraged and seek someone to lead
follow me on this journey, i'm in a hurry, our vision gets blurry
no need to worry, you can call me Acuve
I'm the one to lend you a hand, or lens so you'll see
so when your feelin for paper you can make sure that its green
so you can watch your back, cuz people willing
your closest friend could be a fraud, phony, or your villain
they say to keep your friends close, and enemies closer
so I tied all my haters in my basement so I could watch over
I don't know who to trust, but I don't give a damn
I'm walking through my highschool screamin 'I'm the Man!'
cuz when its down and dirty, I never clown or scurry
I know you heard me I wont let up till my victory
and I'm honest, I ain't even working my hardest
currently I'm just getting started
flawless, so when I hear that beat I just harness
pick a target, and get retarded on any artist
and I ain't sayin I been playin this game the longest
but 9 years half my life, that's when I started
and one day I'll get big, like i been enlargened
and you can feel the 808 like I'm fricken heartless


Believe it, its me
Fricken Ripley, or not, I'm the shit, see?
Smell it - I'm not rebelling I'm just jelling
such a felon, cuz its a crime how I keep all these hoes yellin
Hotellin' every single night, its a different show
different venue, in the fast life
yeah, meanwhile tears passing down
cuz mom's dream was seeing me in a cap and gown
back home my lil' bro is growing up
I had to give him girl tips, now he's old enough
I had visions of blowing up, but it was a dream
I close my eyes and I make believe
cuz I basically am Drew, no erasing me
girls chasing me, you would hate to see
me all up on your screen, if you hatin, please
continue to say my name on your Facebook tweets
or myspace, blog, or a place to free
your fricken mind, i don't care, boy you helping my grind
One day at a time, boy I'm taking my rhyme
schemes to another level you can't reach if you tried
I will seek and divide the fricken game down a line
you can't cross, I'm the boss, you can fricken get fired
Uh, believe me you don't wanna risk
cuz this my fricken knockout- you don't wanna fist


yeah, haha, shoutouts to Tee on the beat
Trac2, ha, its Drew32
Uh, uh,
follow me on twitter
I am Drew32
Track Name: I'M HERE (ft. Asante & Buda) [Produced by Asante & Drew32]
Baby I'm here, yeah

Superman is back, with his cape on
Drew32 can make it rain on, I'm fly
like that stuff ya plane on
baby girl I am what they say they is
superstar, I come to save these kids
I have no weakness I'ma leave ya'll speechless
baby I am here to spit some crazy shit
I got style that your boyfriend just can't budget
fly with me and the sky you'll touch it
wait, let me change the subject
i don't wanna leave him upset
I just wanna save you when you're hurtin
when your need, baby i'm that person
when you just wanna here some crazy verses
call my phone and we can make it perfect
cuz baby I'm here

Baby I'm here with you
Baby I'm here with you
Baby I'm here with you
so baby come fly, come fly, come fly
away with me


VERSE2 [Buda]
Drew, what we gon do
with all these hoes across the globe?
lay low, stack doe
chicks leave they boyfriends pickin they nose
cuz they wanna get down with the Buda
I take em all from the kitten to the cougar
she kinda crazy in my bed with the hookah
butt naked in the vest with the ruger
i'm here, you here
lets get close, see things clear
shut em' down, i'm what you look for
complicated, no, no suduko
at the crib watch Cinemax
pop moscato lay back relax
treat you like a queen, whats wrong with that?
fuckin with me, you'll never go back


VERSE3 [Drew32]
hello guys, hello girls
guess who's here and bout to take the world
and bout to arrive fly like I am superman
cuz shorty body hot sorta like the Yucatan
i'm the best under the sun, but you can tan
and don't mind me, i just like to use my hands
ha, girl have no fear I'm, right by your side
yes baby i'm here

Track Name: EVERYDAY (ft. BOi) [Produced by Drew32]
Yeah, uh, its 32, BOi, we gon kill em with this one
yeah, sing to em lets go

Everyday, everyday I fall in love with you
I fall in love with you, I fall in love with you

Hold up, lets take a break from the business
and spend time let me focus on my mrs
every day its like I get a new addiction
no lie baby you are my prescription
they tell me i'm a maniac
cuz like every single day i have love relapse
i'm so stuck, I just wanna fade to black
but then I see you and everything can change right back
like damn, you make me feel so invincible
you stole my heart, you are such a criminal
so simple, yet so critical
me plus you is way beyond physical
yeah, i am stuck to her glue
my baby i like to call her Ms. 32
and I could do this all day like a tweeter
and every single day I fall deeper

Track Name: EXPLODE (ft. B-Smooth) [Produced by Drew32]
CHORUS [B-Smooth]
i'm bout to explode
i been griding, and i been shining, and i won't stop
i'm bout to explode
and you been hating, but i ain't waiting till i'm on top
i'm bout to explode
i'm bout to explode
i'm bout to explode
i'm bout to explode
i'm bout to explode

i'ma psycho, but i'm white tho
no i'm greek, either way i'm spittin tight flows
yea i'm kinda hype tho, but i'm lackin height so
what girl i'm fly i don't even need a tight rope
she said i'm so cold that it might snow
and this prolly finna leak like a pipe broke
or it might wont, you better get up, sit up
like a situp, hands high, stick-up
somebody take a picture, i'm cheesing
and i always make the green fall i am leaving
best believe me, ha ha
i'm far from the average
catch me in the hall like kobe no passes
i'm prolly gon be the first paid, no bandage
you prolly gon be the first ate, no sandwich
i gotta monopoly and you don't have chances
O'Neil, you have Shaq i got mansions


yeah, i'm new ya'll geezers
i'm just tryna see her body shake no seizures
i can turn a crowd of doubters into believers
with one verse, so follow me, like tweeters
yup, i got paper no recyclables
and i'm known to always handle bars like bicycles
i'm the newcomer i'm an amateur i know that
i'm so stacked ima speed up where you slow at
yeah, i'm gettin big you are so flat,
breathe my spirit in my lyrics this a soul rap
like the soul train, haters so plain
they think they really balled, no Rogane
i have no name, just a flow mane
call me 32, or call me cocaine
cuz i'm so crack, now go and quote that
you not really ticked, like toe tack
so where my hoes at? i'm tryna make it rain
they say i spit fire, they can't take the flame
there hairs stickin up, they some lil rascals
empire state of mind, now that's a big apple
i gotta big banana, so said ya mama
it is my little friend, Tony Montana
my confidence increasing, been tweeting
this weekend, flow exposed indecent
hungry but i been eating
i been a beast i just been sleeping, now i'm here feasting
and now you stuck with me, homie you knee deep in
fine girls are my only weakness
what do i, gotta do, to prove that i belong in this?
i'ma get signed soon as the song finish
draft me i'm breaking world records, wrong Guinness
and now it's on bitches


yeah, we bout to explode out here
its 32, b-smooth
shoutouts to G-Rich
cuz i'm bout to explode
Track Name: DIAMOND SHINE (ft. Jay Hussle) [Produced by S. Dot]
Yeah, yeah,
hey Hussle, am I bright enough? We shinin!

Now shorty say I'm way too cocky when I step into my rapper way
Diamond shine, my homies they wearin hats and shades
I'ma trip my bags is packed away
fresh to death like I passed away, so tell the pastor pray
some people ask me why I do this in the first place
I say I do this for the first place, my birth place
some people seek the fame and fortune in the worst ways
but I don't want it all, I'm just trying to make the earth shake
yep, there he go, say my flow is very cold
ain't no buster you should know
I'm the one like Derrick Rose
ain't up on no bullshit though, always stay professional
they tell me i'm the next to blow. period. menstrual
vegetable, nutritious vitamin C
if they said that he was pimpin well damn it mighta been me
Drew, might even catch me overseas
way before the orange juice I was fresher than squeezed

CHORUS [Jay Hussle]
I diamond shine, you could say I'm flawless
leave a message on my phone, I'm prolly with the bosses
I be on the grind, gotta stay cautious
money on my mind, I think I hear it callin'
I diamond shine, you could say I'm flawless
leave a message on my phone, I'm prolly with the bosses
I be on the grind, gotta stay cautious
money on my mind, when I wake up in the morning
I diamond shine, shine, shine, shine, shine
girl don't you know I diamond shine

VERSE2 [Jay Hussle]
Diamond shine, bling blingin in the sunglight
live it to the limit cuz all you getting is one life
shine, like a star, not only some nights
and whatever you do just make sure you gettin it done right
no excuses and regrets
follow your gut would be the best bet, but you prolly dont know it yet
a hard head make a soft ass
sometimes we follow the road signs and other times we walk past
so I suggest that you walk fast
my advise, speak first, and never ever should you talk last
and only listen if they talk cash, momma said to never talk back
but damn how they talk trash
i'm off that, now I'm in groove
strive to be flawless like a diamond, but until then I improve
I been smooth like a ginsu
fly women in the nude is what I'm into man i been rude

Track Name: FIND OUT [Produced by Trac2 Productions]
yeah, uh, shoutouts to Tee on the beat man, yup

I can't turn back the hands of time
but there's some things I got to know
I know that you regret your past
but I feel like you've been hiding something so
I just wanna find out (find out)
so baby come to my house (my house)
I just wanna find out (find out)
so baby come to my house (my house)

I told you my life story, I swear I told you it all
everything from years in my past, up until yesterday at the mall
told you all about all these girls, and how we all broke up
every girl that I made out with, and how it made me grow up
and everything that I've done, I told you every one
went down to every detail, I swore I wouldn't front
and afterward I was finished, and then it became your turn to say
the things only your journal knows, no wonder why you threw it away
I swear you kept some secrets, like you don't want me to judge you
but how could I do that when I put nobody above you?
you, you are in my heart baby girl,
but you wont let me understand your world


You told me all about your relationships
and promised me you sunk all of them ancient ships
but sometimes I still wonder bout the things you did
(you did) you did (you did)
you said you told me everything and you don't got nothing to hide
but I swear sometimes I feel you skipped some things you hide inside
cuz I know that can't be everything, I know that you ain't said some things
I'm just tryna find out, and you wasting my energy
yo, all them situations in the past now, put em in the background
lets just make it last now
cuz girl you special, I don't wanna have to end it
for some other shady girl, who's prolly only pretending


I just want you to ride with me, don't wanna play games like hide n seek
hear some things, what am I to think?
300 times, but I'm a Greek
I'm blowing up like Michelin, check my attire
and I'm saying this about to be a good year, but I'm flyer, and
I understand it, why you don't wanna tell Drew
but I got something of my own I gotta tell you
yesterday, right before we went to dinner
before we went to the mall, girl I kissed your sister

That's right
there's some things you prolly should know
I know that we're supposed to last
but girl you know your sister's so dope
You don't wanna find out (find out)
your sister came to my house (my house)
you don't wanna find out (find out)
your sister came to my house (my house)

haha I'm' just playing
you know I'm just kidding right
Who is Drew32 Volume two
Take the World
Track Name: BEYOND ME (CLUB REMIX) [Produced by Drew32]
lil' cutie you the hottest, the bombest
no doubts, no problems; plus i'm honest
so when I say you got  it, damn you got it
and i won't stop until you're my goddess
i'm a baller, i thought you knew
come here baby girl you can be my boo
and i've never seen a girl quite like you
look so good, outta sight like you
I love your swag, i love your walk
i love your voice baby i love your talk
i love how you know that i'm into you
see you're the type of girl i pay attention to
and I don't know what it is, but i love your style
at heart you've got somethin that makes me smile
and what it is girl, i can't see
so i don't really know, thats beyond me

its beyond me, its something i can't see
she got something inside her that makes me crazy
its beyond me, its something i can't see
she got something inside her that makes me crazy
and she makes me crazy

see i'm not your typical dude, you're not the typical girl
so enter my mystical world
my life becomes fantasy when we're together
the life that they handed me feelin much better
so how could i settle for less?
you're a dime shorty i must confess
you're so fine shorty i'm so impressed
it's beyond me how we both just met
at first glance i could tell you were real
you seemed real fun and i wanted to chill
you're a girl that i can just kick it with
cuz you're the type these dudes would all wish to get
so i'm interested, you noticed
girl you're the hottest, i'm coldest
and what it is girl i can't see
so i don't really know that's beyond me

it's crazy, i been thinkin bout you lately baby
sometimes i daydream cuz you're amazing
so every single place i go
i gotta keep your neck froze like an escamo
see it's just, me and you, and you and me
i wanna be with you now can't you see
i'm  at the club acting so stupidly
see ain't no other dude do it quite like me
i wanna get close, and you likewise
i like them curvy girls with the bright eyes
with a nice size and a nice mind
and if i blink once i might have to look twice
got fashion movin with a passion
when your with me my loves everlasting
this is how life supposed to be
so why we're not together is beyond me
Track Name: FIREFLIES REMIX [Produced by Owl City]
Close your eyes, just imagine... do you believe it?

Yesterday was my birthday, I'm older
thinking, 'Damn, 18 years of my life over?'
now its time to grow up and be a man
and make my own decisions I'm just hoping that I can
take responsibility for me, now it starts
welcome to the real world, gotta be smart
graduating high school, soon I will depart
and that fact alone is really killing in my heart
it went by so fast, thinking of the years
i realize this the last time I'll see my peers
and typically I am not the type to shed tears
but I swear leaving home allows for so many fears
but I gotta take a step, I'm a man now
so I grab a pen and start writing my plan out
the paper reads: 'Blow Up' then a period
cuz theres no plan B, think i'm kidding? but i'm serious
this my job, but this buzz isn't large enough
go the distance, I must not be far enough
handed bad cards, damn, but it's hard to bluff
cuz this a game where one card could mean a hearted flush
if you play it right, but it's all a risk
there's a big reward, if you never miss
I see a shooting star, but I never wish
cuz I won't depend on luck for forever rich
I just wanna see my girl and forever kiss
and I been dreaming of success like ever since
age nine when life was so beautiful
I feel in love when I stepped inside the studio
walked in the booth, but I felt so secluded though
the microphone was like my only friend I'd ever know
sometimes I wonder what I'll do if I never blow
I'll never know, that's why I make myself believe...

CHORUS [Owl City]
I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
Track Name: FEEL GOOD [Produced by Superstar O]
yeah, uh, take the world, who is drew32 volume two, uh, yeah

I'm in the studio
wondering why this girl don't think
she's beautiful
and I remember when we had to
take it slow
but I'm just tryna make you feel good
feel good

This girl I really been thinkin bout lately
she don't even really wanna date me, she just
wanna get up on top and just make it pop
and the way that body moving is crazy
and when she's alone she likes to call my phone
and every single time I tell her she's amazing
cuz she's self-conscious, but to me that is nonsense
cuz obviously she's beautiful
and now I'm here sitting in the studio
dark room, all the lights off, and even the mics off
and baby girl, who's gon know?
yeah, my time is running out, its tickin fast
she calls me a nice guy, prolly cuz I finish last
ha, get it? I know I'm silly though
she belongs in my music video,
and she don't even need no silicone
runway chick, she's a ten, and I don't really even want this to end
but lately her mirror is her best friend
and she looks better than her best friend


She don't think so, but she so fine
she so mine, she don't really see but, she's so blind
to her own beauty, yes she's a dime, no lie
and I don't give a damn bout these other chicks
I only want one on my mother ship
we can hop under my covers quick, thunder hits
i'm in the vocal booth, dreamin bout you right next me
the feel of your body is like ecstasy
me and you together is destiny
i can make you feel good, I'm just trying to see you smile
I know things ain't going right, you should be with me awhile
girl I'm like your medicine, take me right at bedtime
you'll want me forever baby you don't really want no end time
i'm just in the studio and I really want you to just truly know
these girls might be silver but you a gold
you ain't pretty you beautiful


Take the World
Track Name: NO FEAR (ft. Pato) [Produced by Drew32 & Pato]
I know I'll be just fine
I know I'll be alright

VERSE1 [Drew32]
Yeah, now this a story of a boy on the road to become a man
with a dream of superstardom with the microphone in his hand
but he wasn't quite ready, his flow so deadly
he did it so right, he made his haters look lefty
and growing up, he used to ball, come check me
cuz hip-hop was always his addiction like Leslie (Ryan)
but moving on was always his fear
took a step into senior year and suddenly his road became unclear
out of sight, thinking bout the college life
just wanna hang with his girl tonight
thinking to himself hoping its gon be alright
and sometimes he wants to run away, he just might
stressed out worried bout how to proceed
and all he wants to do is chill with his homies
no fear but he's down on both knees
prayin at night, yo, and this is what he told me

I see my life, flashing by, before my eyes
No Fear
Never know, what the, future holds, I'm still going
No Fear
I know I'll be just fine
No Fear
I know I'll be alright
No Fear

VERSE2 [Pato]
This a complicated thing outta everything he's seen
ain't nobody to relate
now he's on his own, don't know where to go
worried but he's not afraid
the money and the greed, envy and the lies
through everything, only the strong survive
that's why he's keeping his mind straight
making his own way
back down on his knees and this is what he told me


I know I'll be alright
I know I'll be just fine

VERSE3 [Drew32]
I know I'll be just fine, life wasn't meant to be easy
believe me, I remember when kids used to tease me
go to sleep at night and my mind was so dreamy
now they're all reality, look at where they'll lead me
thinking of my life as its passing me by
graduation coming as I'm steppin to the Mic
i'll be doing music, this my nine to five
and I won't lose it, I do this, now just watch me prove it

Track Name: LADY GAGA (ft. Jay Hussle) [Produced by Drew32]
My baby call me papa, cuz she my Lady Gaga
My baby call me papa, cuz she my Lady Gaga
She my lady Gaga, She my Lady Gaga
She my lady, she my lady, she my lady Gaga

Hello, hello, my name is Drew but you can call my Papa
why? cuz when I'm on stage, I am a monster
and I ain't lyin I'm the king, Mufasa
girl I'm so sick I need a doctor
tell the nurse it is a possibility that I might rock ya
nowadays I am so off the wall I'm in another room down the hall
I'm just clownin, ya'll
turn it up till it's distorted
and we don't stop till the early morning
cuz I'm so out of this world, I'm imported
I guess that means I'm important
Girl I'm crazy, I need to act my own age
or one of these days I will die on stage
and I'm so sick its like my mind's on AIDS
Lady Gaga, I'm okay


VERSE2 [Jay Hussle]
I got my eye on her, she popular
I wanna hit the bar, do shots with her
I wanna get her home, play doctor-nurse
we can take turns, just not me first
show me yours, i'll show mine
we can rewind if you got free time
make a bad romance, don't gotta hold my hand
argue and fight, I'd rather watch you dance
in slow grind, be screaming my name in no time
so fine, a gold mine with a diamond shine might go blind
won't catch me spendin with your dime
she's not the same
my lady hot when she rocks the stage
so you ain't gotta ask how she got the Fame
and you not my girl and this not your name...


She my lady, ain't nobody quite drive me crazy
got her singin out she is like "T-Pain Me!"
but she don't even need autotune, no baby
she's like 'Just pay me'
her poker face is perfect, no problem
ain't nobody got it quite like she got it
she's much hotter, don't even bother cuz
(she my lady gaga)
[Jay Hussle]
Baby I gotcha, sip wine, crab and lobster
we can fine dine never mind impostors
they ain't got it, like you got it
I wish I could carry you in my pocket
I can't stop it, I'm just tryna lock it down
don't say a word you ain't gotta make a sound
quit givin me the marry go run around
and lets put it down now


[Sample: Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance]

Track Name: TAKE THE WORLD (ORIGINAL) [Produced by Drew32]
yeah, check

life isn't perfect
gotta make it worth it
so open up the curtains
and live with a purpose
i know that we are hurting
but i feel certain
that we can change the world
man, it starts with one person
uh, one life, one dream
that is all that it takes
to accomplish one thing
and become a star though your given nothing
so never stop rowing though your going upstream
and people witnessing will think that you are obscene
but haters gon be haters they don't know what dope means
keep your fam near, gotta have a close team
and hold your head high when you fall with no green
brush yourself off, gotta stand on both feet
and look inside your heart, and remember your dream
your queen, your love, ever since you're fourteen
not a girl, hip-hop thats whats making you scream

i know
it doesn't matter where I go
cuz either way i'm still gon blow
and i'm gonna take the whole world with me
the world with me

never get complacent
gotta stay patient
gotta take your time
even when your minds racing
and sometimes you gon feel like you don't understand
the ways of the world are crazy, you need a plan
and if you find love, she'll make you a better man
and she'll give you the drive when you think you never can
change is everywhere don't be scared, just move
cuz everything you fear is gonna help you improve
- change it up, don't always do what you used ta
diversity is strength for the future to boost up
always keep it real, being fake is see thru
you weren't born no one else all you can do is be you
your time is so short so your life is what you make it
and life is unfair a lotta times you gon hate it
so fuel that fire, leave haters in amazement
embrace it and when you reach success just take it